URGENT: One Step Closer To A Digital Dollar (CBDC)



Brace yourself for a potential digital dollar takeover.

Up until now, the digital dollar, or CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) has been nothing but a headline. 
But things are developing at a rapid pace.

It started when the Biden Administration signed a sweeping executive order directing multiple government agencies to produce a detailed plan to study the creation of them for the U.S.

Then Yahoo Finance reported…

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is looking for software developers to help research and design a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Right now, thousands of Americans are exchanging their dollars for Gold and Silver, to protect their cash, savings, and retirements…

Because it cannot be tracked.

It cannot be monitored.

And it cannot be hacked, frozen, or deleted.

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And now the US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claims…

A CBDC has advantages and the potential to solve many problems. And that it is “certainly worth getting involved in developing.

  • 114 countries, representing over 95 percent of global GDP, are exploring a CBDC.
  • 11 countries have fully launched a digital currency, and China’s pilot, which reaches 260 million people, is set to expand to most of the country in 2023.

Then take a quick look around the rest of the world and come to your own conclusion.

According to the Atlantic Council…

And how about this about the INTERNATIONAL UNICOIN. At the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings 2023…

The official launch of an international CBDC - the Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), or Unicoin, was introduced.

- Yahoo Finance

This could be coming down the pipeline much sooner than anyone expected, so it’s critical you understand how this could impact your money and the steps you can take to potentially protect yourself before it’s too late.

A digital dollar could theoretically be used as a surveillance tool for banks, federal agencies and the Federal Reserve. They could easily…


  • Track your purchases
  • Control what you buy, and when you can buy it.
  • Put limits on how much you can buy at a single time.
  • Tie the use of your money to social issues like climate change or inclusion.
  • And even seize or freeze your assets.